The Hottest Enduro Race Bikes for 2020

Enduro bikes are mountain bikes that are built with a travel of at least 150mm. The bikes are made to be light on the pedals to make them bearable for long cycle periods by cyclists. They are also reliable and flexible enough to handle tough humanmade and natural terrains.

Below are the top 5 hottest Enduro race bikes for 2020:

Orbea Rallon M-Team 19

It has a travel of 150mm and comes in small, large, and extra-large sizes. It is manufactured with carbon fibre material. It does not come cheap as you will have to cough up $10,499 to own it.

Santa Cruz Megatower

Second on the list is one from the Santa Cruz brand, known for its exceptional quality bikes, and the megatower did not fall short. At the price of $9549, the megatower is built with carbon fibre material. It has a 29-inch wheel that supports the 160mm travel. It comes in small, medium, large, an extra-large size, and extra-extra-large sizes to choose from.

Yeti SB 150 T-Series

It’s the newest model in the T-Series that comes in Small, Medium, Large, and extra-large sizes with a very sleek look that conceals the Carbon Fiber that the bike is made from. It comes with a 29-inch wheel that enables it to handle even the worst terrains and achieve a travel of 150mm. Acquiring this will cost you around $7199.

Marin Alpine Trail 8

The Alpine trail has a 29-inch wheel size that enables it to achieve travel of 150mm. It comes in small Medium, Large and extra-large sizes. The bike is made using aluminium materials, and it costs around $4699.99.

Nuke proof Mega 290 Comp

The bike comes with a 27.5-inch wheel size that supports a 165mm travel. Nuke proof Mega is made from aluminium material and comes in small, Medium, Large, and extra-large size. In 2020, it has been ranked among the hottest bikes and also one of the cheapest retailing at $2599.99.


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