Proper Care for Mountain Bikes

Cycling is an activity done for fun, and in some cases, people compete. Mountain bikes are an ideal cycling option because they are efficient and can be used in hilly areas. To get the fun out of mountain bikes, they have to be well maintained. Servicing bikes increases their lifespan. Below is a proper mountain bike care routine:


Mountain bikes need regular servicing. Service involves a thorough check for all parts and changing the damaged ones. Some services are a necessity after every ride. They include checking tyre pressure and checking the chain lube. It is important to check the condition of the bike’s braking system frequently to avoid accidents. The frequency for servicing the bike varies depending on the part under scrutiny. For example, brakes should be checked every 3-6 rides while checking tyre treads should be done after about six months.


It is advisable to always keep mountain bikes clean. If you want long life for your bike, then you ought to frequently clean it. Water tends to reduce the lubrication on moving parts, therefore, you should oil it after every wash.

Check the Drivetrain

The drivetrain in a bike includes parts such as the pedals, chaining, rear-wheel cassette and the chain. These are parts that need professionalism while looking at, especially for an amateur rider. Experienced riders have an easy time since they know how the parts should be. For example, the chain shouldn’t be extremely tight, neither should it be loose. You should seek a mechanic’s help when checking the drivetrain.

Care For the Wheels

Bikes cannot move without wheels. Wheels work in unison with the tyres. While checking the rims, also check the tyres. For a smooth ride, the tyres should have good tread. This will increase the grip of the bike and the road. Also, check the alignment of the wheels.


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