Course Changed!


As of April 3rd the 2019 Epic course will be a little different to last year, the format will consist of one 50km loop which is ridden once for the Shorty competitors twice for 100km entries and three times for the 100 Mile entries. Each 50km loop will contain a shorter 7.5km prologue lap. This is due to the removal of the Spring Gully Reservoir Section. Basically this means each 50km loop has more single track than last year.

The 30km race will be completed over two laps of the course staying inside Diamond Hill Road. The 15km course includes two 7.5km laps of the novice loop.

If this sounds a little confusing, don't worry the loops will be very clearly marked on course, marshals will assist you and our rider briefing and race pack will explain in more detail. There will also be maps and volunteers in the village so we can take you through it all before your race.

The event starts at our new club home being Pendlebury Park/Muldoon Reserve across the road from the One Tree Hill Hotel Spring Gully Rd, Spring Gully where under a controlled start competitors will skirt the edge of Wattle Drive before hitting the dirt, then a 1km fire road dash with a pinchy climb before hitting single track on the return loop of the Spring Gully trail network. Riders will exit near the top of the water tower and complete a short section of fire road before hitting another small patch of single track exiting at Connellys Rd. From there the course has plenty of good flowing single track sections and some fire trails dotted throughout giving competitors a little breathing or over taking space before arriving at Diamond Hill Rd. When crossing at Diamond Hill Rd (controlled crossing of 40km speed zone), all competitors must dismount when safe to do so under the supervision of officials. 

From there competitors head out over undulating terrain toward Mt Alexander and turn back at Sandhurst Reservoir. Between Diamond Hill Road crossing and Sandhurst Reservoir riders will be on parts of the Goldfields (Leanganook) Track. From there riders face a roller coaster series of small hills under the power lines before heading towards Apeline Track, then turning back towards Cahills Rd. Leaving the fire trail behind a left hand turn delivers more flowing single track guiding riders back towards Diamond Hill Rd and the 3rd Checkpoint (40km mark).. After the second rd crossing its not too far from the finish line (approx 7km) which takes riders over a combination of single track and fire trail. Hitting the marked Green circle trail in Spring Gully is an indication to pull out all the stops before pushing up the final rise leading to the finish at the reserve.





15Km Course

The 15km course is point to point with riders completing two laps. Please refer to map below.

30Km Course

The 30km distance is 2 laps of the course below without crossing Diamond Hill Road at checkpoint 3. Please refer to map below.

50/100/160km Course

 Please refer to map below for 50km/100km and 160km courses.