Essential Gear for Enduro Racing

Enduro is a type of bike racing and is undoubtedly one of the toughest competitions for cyclists. The race offers all kinds of challenges and obstacles to test a cyclist’s prowess. This kind of sport can actually be organised for both amateur and professional cyclists. There are some essential items that one should have before getting into an enduro bike race. They include the following suggestions.


This is must-have equipment for every competitor in enduro races. One should take the weather and terrain into consideration before picking the most suitable helmet. It is advisable to choose a helmet with a strap to allow it to be held firmly on a cyclist’s head. Helmets help protect a cyclist from injuries in case of an accident during a race.


Enduro races offer very challenging obstacles which may lead to some cyclists injuring themselves. One needs to have knee, elbow and shin pads to protect themselves. Anyone can have an accident in enduro races. Cyclists taking part are advised to place their safety first.

Jersey and Shorts

One has to think about their protection when dressing for an enduro race. It is advisable to wear long-sleeved jerseys in such an event. It is also suggested to use padded, baggy shorts. The long-sleeved sweater should have the ability to wick sweat away.


These enable one to protect their eyes. They shield one’s eyes from debris and flying mud. They also allow cyclists to see correctly as they fly down the trails.

Hydration Pack

Cyclists have comfort bags which they can use when on a ride in the mountains. Cycling drains a lot of water from one’s body. Cyclists need to take water while competing. Therefore, it is right for every competitor in an enduro racing event to have a hydration pack.


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