Popular Enduro Mountain Bikes Races in Australia

Australian enduro bike races are some of the most adventurous bike events in the world. They involve racing through tight bush trails and vast open tracks. The mountainous terrain in some areas makes timed sections quite thrilling both for spectators and competitors.

If you haven’t already ticked it off your bucket list, a bike race should definitely be one of the outdoors events you sample when normalcy returns. Here are some major biking events to be enjoyed around the country:

The Convict 100

This is one of the longest-lasting events in Australian mountain biking. It involves 100 km, 64 km and 48 km races; the latter is for juniors and beginners. It is well-tailored to suit all ages and levels of skills of all individuals participating.

This race starts and finishes at the historic town of Albanas. It follows the historic Convict through the centre of Hawkesbury Valley. Fast fire tracks, rocky gardens, rocky descents, and beautiful ridgeline views make EMB one of its own. It’s the epitome of adventure in biking.

Reef to Reef MTB

This is the newest MTB racing event. The race starts at Reef fringed Coral Sea coast which heads into a network of trails in the hinterlands, farmlands, and tropical rainforest. The race ends at the Coast 4 days later covering 190 km.

Shimano MTB GP NSW Race 2

This race involves all categories of riders- elite, experienced, amateurs endurance racers and casual racers can participate. It goes for four hours (GP4) or 7 hours (GP7) solo, pairs or teams of three.

Fun and exciting racing is an assurance in this race. It takes place in very diverse terrain-rocky gardens, races through lush rainforest, moist rainforest vegetation, making it a unique event.

Most enduro races have been put on hold following the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It will be interesting to get back to action once things return to normal.


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