Welcome to Golden Triangle Epic; the Enduro Bike Racing Site

As the world slowly crawls back from the Coronavirus-enforced hibernation, mountain bike racing is one of the outdoor activities that will be met with great enthusiasm. The practice is very popular across Australia.

This website is dedicated to enduro bike racing, discussing the main topics that surround this energetic sport. The site presents bike racing topics in entertaining and informative articles under the following items.

Enduro Racing

Enduro races are not just like any other competition. The race timing and terrain required is radically different. This section discusses the particular features that define enduro racing.

Also discussed in this section is the gear that is mainly designed for this type of bike racing. Such equipment is meant to combine both safety and lightness given the energy demands of an enduro race.

Competitions and Distances

The articles in this section will bring you up to speed with the best enduro bike races in Australia. These are competitions you can participate in or attend as a spectator. It also offers tips on how to have the most fun if you decide to go out and watch enduro races.

Mountain Bikes

Bikes are the critical element of enduro races. Having the right bike will give you a worthy experience, whether you are competing or riding for fun. Tips for proper bike care are also offered.

Mountain Bike Clubs

Bike riding is even more enjoyable when done in groups. This section highlights some benefits of joining a biking club and offers suggestions for the best ones to join in Australia.

Welcome aboard, enjoy, and bring others too!


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